Easy Way to Solve a Rubik S Cube

There are plenty or patterns and algorithms online, but very few tell us an Easy Way to Solve a Rubik S Cube. The problem is that the internet is cluttered with all kinds of people claiming to be experts. The so called experts compete with each other to show their techniques.

A lot of the experts online are professional competitors. Every year, in most countries around the world, Rubik’s cube competitions are conducted. The focus of these competitions is to solve the cube. There are several categories to these competitions.

There’s a category to see who can solve the cube the fastest. There’s also another category to see who can solve just one side of the cube in the fastest time. There’s another category which focuses on solving the cube in the least number of moves.

By normal reasoning it would appear that the person who can solve the cube in the least moves will be the fastest. But this is not true. People who compete to be the fastest are called speed cubers. Their focus is not the number of moves. Their focus is the speed of their moves.

Problems with Available Solutions

Easy Way To Solve A Rubik S Cube

The problem with the available solutions is that none of them are easy. Trying to find an Easy Way to Solve a Rubik S Cube online and you won’t see any. Most assume you are an expert. And the reason behind this is that the solutions are offered by experts.

An expert usually focuses on improving his speed. Sometimes the expert may focus on cutting down the number of moves. This leads to the experts assuming that the people looking for solutions are also experts.

The complexity of the solutions is sometimes just too high for an amateur. Certain videos that demonstrate how to solve the cube show the speed cubers simply spinning the cube in their hands. It is nearly impossible to follow the moves, especially when you are looking for an Easy Way to Solve a Rubik S Cube.

An Easy Solution for the Rubik’s Cube

The best way to go about it is to practice by you first. Get a good quality cube. This is important in the beginning. Bad quality cubes get stuck and add to your frustration. Your experience will be much more enjoyable when you buy a cube made of high quality.

The best way is to practice in steps. Set yourself goals. For example as a first step, practice simple things like getting one line aligned. This it can be a good challenge to a beginner. Then move to solving two lines.

As you practice, you learn some basic tactics. These will eventually lead you to solving one complete side. Once you have achieved this. Practice doing one side and an extra line of another colour. This can be very challenging at first. But with a little practice you’ll eventually be able to solve the entire cube. If you follow all these steps they can lead you to an Easy Way to Solve a Rubik S Cube.

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